1. To carefully observe and document the interests and requirements of all children and to plan appropriately for each individual child as well as the group as a whole.

2. To provide a safe, secure, happy, encouraging, reassuring, respectful, valued and caring environment through the use of effective communication skills.

3. To plan a play-based program that has a balance between structured/unstructured experiences, child initiated as well as adult supported experiences in which the children may use a range of equipment and materials, including improvised equipment, natural materials, both indoors and outdoors, by allowing time, (4-7 hours per week) to plan effective programming.

4. To provide a family atmosphere where parents’ views are respected and there is open communication between staff and parents, in listening to what parents have to say, making ourselves open for discussion, respecting what parents have to contribute and allowing time for their ideas in the program.

5. To provide an environment for the children in our care which is non-sexist, non-racist, and non-denominational by providing suitable literature; pictures; treating all children equally; providing equipment to all children regardless of sex, race or religion i.e. boys permitted to play with dolls and girls with trucks etc.

6. To ensure that our Centre is culturally relevant through the children’s programs, literature, displays, pictures, menu planning, special days and parents literature.

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