Kindergarten & Preschool

Kindergarten RoomThe Kindergarten program here at Bacchus Marsh Childcare and Kindergarten Centre is nationally accredited as well as being funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The program is delivered daily, by qualified Early Childhood and Primary trained teachers, and aims to equip children with the skills necessary for starting Primary schooling. We provide a program that is developmentally appropriate and which aims to further the children’s development in the areas of Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication. We also aim to challenge children, encouraging and fostering their interests. International and Australian research shows that attending a quality pre-school program improved the quality of children’s experiences in their later schooling. Participation in our Kindergarten program ensures that children establish foundations to assist them for life.

Kindergarten Room 2Our program ensures that children are not only catered for intellectually, but also that they are cared for in a positive environment that is safe and secure. Children are taught to respect the rights of others, to work towards self-discipline, increase independence skills and creativity, and to develop self-esteem. Children have an opportunity to take part in an emergent curriculum, where children’s interests used as a directive and explored to their full extent. Therefore the children are encouraged to be intrinsically motivated to take control and be an active participant in the dictation their own learning paths. This is made possible with the inclusion of various teaching tools and resources such as special guest speakers, incursions ans excursions where possible. We as educators, believe that children learn through doing, and aim to give our children every chance to learn through hands on experiences.

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